Fincher Timber

With the 4036 replacement chipper drum Fincher Timber has experienced more loads per knife changes, more tonnage per load, less down time, better quality product and much longer lasting components.

  • Knife holder is heat treated & has (9) 7/8″ bolts
  • Knife, counter knife & clamp has (5) 7/8″ bolts
  • Knife & counter knife are babbited
  • 3/4″ AR 400 drum skin
  • 5-3/4″ Chipper shaft


Predator Tree Service

Roger Venner of Predator Tree Service, New Jersey, with a line of Ryan’s products that consist of 14″ shear, Predator Stump Grinder, 72″ grapple, Wood Hunter Mulcher and the Kraken Wood Splitter.


Roy Jablanka

“Gotta say again that your rake and your grapple worked fabulously on the brush & stumps this past summer. RYAN STUFF IS WAY TOUGH”.