Disc Mulcher

The Angry Chipmunk is the latest in Ryan’s Equipment arsenal. It features a 160cc hydraulic motor. 12 cutting teeth and 12 mulching teeth. The top of the disc has 4 chipper knives. It is a must in land-clearing and right-a-way work.

F/R Grapple Saw

Ryan’s Fixed Rotating Grapple saw is our newest product that has the ruggedness of our grapple line, but with our toughest saw, we make! Our new grapple saw is built with specialized hardened steel that can grab multiple logs or large single log. Our rotators are overbuilt to withstand the punishment of elements that you will endure. Ryan’s Fixed Rotating Grapple saws are a perfect set up for any situation you find.

Fixed Grapples

Ryan’s line of Fixed Rotating Grapples is surly to set the standards in the grapple market. Made with AR 500 & API 70 solid steel. They are built to take a beating and keep on going. The Rotators are some of the toughest out there. Each rotator is rated to the machine.

Grapple Chain Saw

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Our new grapple saw is for those operators who wanted to grab and cut a log in one simple process. Tree work can be dangerous and with a grapple saw it helps eliminate those factors of climbing, rigging and using a hand chain saw. Safety is our main concern and keeping chain saw out of the workers hands and on the ground is always a plus. This saw operates on standard auxiliary hydraulics with 25-40 gpm and 3,000-4,000 psi.

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Dangle Saw

The DS series rugged chain & bar dangle saws are designed for excavators, track feller bunchers, and loader type carriers.  The grapple style arm design allows operator to handle standing or fallen timber to fell, pile, cross-cut, trim, top and shovel. These heads are ideal for right-of-way clearing, selective cutting, salvaging storm timber and harvesting large trees. The dangle saw can be removed in a matter of minutes so that the carrier can be used for other purposes.

The DS-20, recommended for the larger high flow hydraulic skid steers and 10 – 15 ton excavators, has a 3/4 pitch saw chain running on a 28″ bar capable of cutting 20″ in a single pass or cut 28″ in multiple passes.

The DS-28C, recommended for the 16 – 20 ton excavators, has a 3/4 pitch saw chain running on a 37″ bar capable of cutting 28″ in a single pass or 36″ cut with multiple passes.  The 360° continuous rotation allow the operator to fell in any direction with relation to the base machine.

The new DS-3550 offers the same continuous rotation and capable of handling the larger difficult timber, recommended for the 18 – 30 ton excavators, has the same 3/4 pitch saw chain running on a 43″ bar capable of cutting 35″ in a single pass.



Wood Splitter

The solution to handle large pieces of timber.  The Kraken will bust apart logs and stumps that would otherwise be left for waste, into manageable sizes for wood grinders, chippers or fire wood processors.  Ideal attachment for excavators, loaders, chippers and skid steers.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wphcAM9-2o&t=12s

Brush Rakes

Ryan’s brush rakes have a large open throat area with a large top clamp to secure the load. The heavy duty design features plenty of clamping power, ideal for loading and piling brush, logs, rocks and light demolition debris. Ryan’s offer several sizes for the mini skid steer, 35” width for going thru gates, and the standard 42”, 48” for the mid-sized and 66″, 72” and 84″ for the larger-sized skid steer.