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Grapple Chain Saw

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Our new grapple saw is for those operators who wanted to grab and cut a log in one simple process. Tree work can be dangerous and with a grapple saw it helps eliminate those factors of climbing, rigging and using a hand chain saw. Safety is our main concern and keeping chain saw out of the workers hands and on the ground is always a plus. This saw operates on standard auxiliary hydraulics with 25-40 gpm and 3,000-4,000 psi.

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Chain Saw

The 72HD  grapple saw can adapt to skid steers, log loaders and excavators.  The heavy duty 72″ grapple has larger chrome pin, high tensile strength steel tines and harden steel bushings.


Max Opening: 72"
Max Cut: 32"
Saw Bar: 37"
Saw Chain: 3/4 pitch chain
Sprocket: 9 tooth
Chain Oil Res.: 3 gallon
Rotator: GRS10 rated at 22,000 lbs and continuous rotation
Cylinder: 3-1/2"
Motor: 25cc Bent Axis
Weight: 1990
Hydraulic Requirements: 15 - 40 gpm and 3,000 - 4,000 psi